How to dye jute rope for craft projects.

For my next crafting project I wanted to use jute rope.  What I liked about the jute rope was its thickness and texture, what I didn’t like about it was its colour.  Typically jute comes in a brown colour, but I wanted a green jute so that it would stand out from the background of my project.  The solution was to “dye” the jute.  Easy enough, here we go …


  • tape
  • jute rope
  • big bowl
  • acrylic paint in the colour you want your rope to be (I used Leaf Green and Hunter Green)
  • water
  • newsprint & garbage bag (to protect your work surface)
  • rubber gloves (to protect your hands, unless you like colourful hands)



How to:

  1. Wrap tape tightly around the ends of your jute rope, this will prevent it from unravelling during the dying process.
  2. In a large bowl squirt approximately 3 tablespoons of acrylic paint (I used 2 tablespoons of Leaf Green and 1 tablespoon of Hunter Green).  Add approximately 2 cups of water.  Using a paint brush stir until the paint is fully dissolved into the water.  You can adjust your paint to water mixture, depending on the amount of colour saturation you want your jute to have, the more water you add the more muted your finished colour will be.
  3. Place the jute rope in the bowl and with a gloved hand push it under the paint mixture.  Massage the paint mixture into the rope, it should soak up a good quantity of the paint mixture.
  4. Find a place where you can lay your rope out to dry.  Cover its surface first with the plastic garbage bag then a layer of newsprint.  Remove rope from the bowl, untwist it and lay it out flat on the newsprint.  Leave it alone to dry.  Mine took approximately 6 hours outside, in the shade, on a bright summer’s day.  Check your rope after a few hours, you may want to flip it over to help dry out its underside.


Now that my rope is the perfect colour, I can use it in my next project.  What colour will your jute be?


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