Water Bottle Flowers Wall Hanger.

Green jute - check.  Water bottle flowers - check.  Old fence board - check.  I can now put together the project that I have been carrying around in my head, for some time.  Last summer a section of our front yard fence fell down and ever since that time I've been wanting to use the... Continue Reading →

How to dye jute rope for craft projects.

For my next crafting project I wanted to use jute rope.  What I liked about the jute rope was its thickness and texture, what I didn't like about it was its colour.  Typically jute comes in a brown colour, but I wanted a green jute so that it would stand out from the background of... Continue Reading →

Dry erase board with plastic bottle flower accents.

The very first thing I decided to make, with my colourful plastic bottle flowers, was a dry erase board to help me keep this blog on track.  Personally I think it turned out great and hopefully, with its help, I will put up posts on a regular basis. Materials: frame (mine is 11 3/8 inches... Continue Reading →

How to make beautiful water bottle flowers.

This project is a great way to reuse those many empty plastic water bottles we all end up with.  Having recently explored Pinterest for water bottle crafts, and not really seeing anything I liked, I decided to try out an idea I've been toying with for a while.  So here we go ... Supplies used... Continue Reading →

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